Extract from: The Prayer Of Mahamudra
by Rangjung Dorje, the third Gyalwa Karmapa

Self -appearance, which never existed, has confused itself into projections;
Spontaneous intelligence, because of ignorance, has confused itself into a self;
By the power of dualistic fixation one wanders in the realm of existence-;
May ignorance and confusion be resolved.

Since it does not exist, even Buddhas do not see it;
Since it is not non- existence, it is the origin of samsara and nirvana.
There being no contradiction between these two is the unity of the middle way
May I realise the dharmata of boundless mind.

If one says,"it is this," nothing represents it,
If one says, 'It is not this," there is no ground for denial.
May I gain conviction in the ultimate perfect truth,
The unconditioned dharmata transcending intellect.